Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Progress

I finally got some stitching in this weekend. I love the cute little primitive style woodland creatures. I have to finish that bottom panel. Then I can move on to the cute vines that travel up the two sides of the piece. It is very pretty and as always, the photograph does not do the colors justice.

I am gradually feeling a bit better everyday, with the exception of a headache that will not go away. Other than that, I am hoping to get back to exercising this week. The weather has become really beautiful, too, for the past couple of days. With the time change, it looks like little Miss Liesl and I can add a walk at the end of the day, perhaps by the water, which would really make her happy. She loves the salt air and just has a happier trot when she walks by the sea.

I am going to order my seeds this week from Park's. If you ever want to become overwhelmed by a seed catalog, check out their site. They are awesome! They have an incredible selection, which is why I have had such a hard time choosing. I have a tiny little bitty sun room where my washer and dryer are (actually more of a mud room.) I am thinking that room is going to be a good place to start seeds since it is so warm and sunny in there. I started some herbs the other day, and I can not believe how fast they sprouted. It is still miraculous to me that you put a seed in some dirt, with a little water and that God shines the sun on it and up comes a beautiful plant. It is that same feeling that I had in first grade when you plant the bean plant in a dixie cup.

Wishing you many miracles this week.

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Pam said...

Glad to see that you are feeling better. Your stitch is really cute.