Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Visit To The Doctor

Well, after a week, I guess it was inevitable. Luckily, my doctor (who is the best doctor in the whole world) was able to fit me in this morning. I have not slept in two nights, and my eyes were all puffy and purple underneath. He diagnosed it as a sinus infection. I have never had one in my life. I have antibiotics, another medication, and orders to drink hot liquids. I am hoping I kick this thing over the weekend. I have to return my library books and I am hoping to feel well enough to pick out a whole new batch.

I was really not feeling up to stitching tonight. Which is a shame, because I am really missing it. Instead, I looked at other stitchers' works. There are some really outstanding blogs out there. If you really want to see amazing quilts, click on the Little Quilts link on my blog roll. I get so inspired looking at other stitchers' stitching.

The tough side of looking at blogs is that I get to see other stitchers' tools. I covet a pair of those gothic looking scissors that I see on some of the European blogs. I wish that I knew who made them and where to purchase them. If anyone knows, I would so appreciate it if you could post it in the comments section.

Well, I am off to sleep. Nurse Liesl says I need to go to bed.


April Mechelle said...

You take care and I hope you are doing better by this weekend !!!

Pam said...

Make sure that you stay hydrated. If the doctor gave you a decongestant it will work much better is drink lots of liquids. I can't stitch when I have sinus infections, either. I find it hard to concentrate. Get some rest and feel better soon.