Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Really Good Day

Well, it seems like the antibiotics are finally taking effect. I was feeling a bit better today and feel like I am finally turning the corner on this yucky stuff. I truly appreciate all of your kind comments and good wishes over the past couple of weeks. Your kindness really means alot to me.

I left work a little early tonight after a busy, but really awesome day. On the way home, I got to stop at Home Depot. The weather has been so sunny and warm (70's!) that I am really inspired to start my garden. So I picked up a seed starter tray, some new gardening gloves, some herb seeds, a hummingbird feeder and some stuff to clean and sharpen my garden tools. I wish I was feeling better so I could get right to work. But when I am feeling better (hopefully by this weekend!), it feels good to know I can get right to work.

I came home and got into my jammies by 6 pm. It was nice to sit quietly and stitch for a while. I worked a bit on the vine. I can't wait to start adding the leaves and flowers. I do love this piece. A couple of days ago though I saw the longer version of the Serenity Prayer by My Big Toe. It is a truly stunning piece. I love the additional lines, as well. I am just not sure I am inspired to stitch it, but it really is beautiful.

Stay well, everyone!

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