Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Walking in Gratitude...

This has been quite a day. I have spoken today with four friends who are dealing with true life or death issues, either in themselves or someone that they dearly love. My prayers will be full tonight for comfort and healing for each of them. I am truly grateful for each person and their friendship in my life. This has been such a hard year for so many people. I am humbled today, because I realize how comparatively minimal my problems are.

It has been a busy day. I did not get to stitch today but that is okay. I had a wonderful choir rehearsel tonight, which was fine tuning the music for our upcoming concert. Tonight was the fine tuning of the piece we are working on, and it is amazing how different a piece of music can sound just by making really small adjustments.

Kim asked me for the details of the Serenity Prayer. It is by Homespun Elegance and was relatively inexpensive. I got it at 123stitch. I love this prayer and pray it every day. It brings me a lot of peace.

I am up past my bedtime, so I will say goodnight. Hope you have a pleasant day tomorrow!

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