Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Night

My appointment for tonight got cancelled after I got there. This was okay, and I was so happy to get home at a reasonable time for the evening. It was cold and cloudy today (we are amping up for a week of storms) so I was wanting comfort food when I got home. One of my guilty pleasures is fish sticks and instant mash potatoes. I do not know why. So I had dinner ready in about 20 minutes. I changed into my sweats while it cooked and planted myself on the sofa with my yummy dinner. Glorious!

I have had insomnia all of this week. It is driving me crazy. I usually get up at 5:30 and feel pretty well rested. All of this week, I have been waking up between 4-4:30 am. Last night, however, I woke up at 3 am and never got back to sleep. I am dragging. I am hoping to get a good night of sleep tonight. I am trying not to worry about it so I do not wig myself out.

Anyway, got to stitch this evening. I put Discovery on and watched a show on the Bermuda Triangle. It was quite interesting. It was a good show to stitch to. My little puppy girl was tired, too, and stretched out on the blanket throw and nodded off. It was very peaceful and I am so grateful for the special blessing of the free evening. Hopefully, this will help me sleep tonight.

I did work on the vines on the Serenity Prayer. They are so pretty. I wish photos could capture how lovely stitching really is. This is really pretty. I forgot to mention that I am really proud because no additional materials were purchased for this. It is stitched with good ol' DMC floss and the fabric was a large piece that I bought on clearance for next to nothing years ago. I have been really good about stitching from what I have in my collection since last September and not purchasing anything new. It feels really good.

Have a good night.

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