Saturday, March 12, 2011

Busy Saturday!

The day started off early with little Miss Liesl going to the groomer. I am always a little embarrassed when I go to the groomer because Liesl does not particularly like to be brushed on her legs or beard, so she sometimes looks like a little ragamuffin. When I took her in today she was really curly and her fur was long because it has been cold and I did not want to shave her down just yet. Plus, no matter how much I have washed her face this week, her beard was just muddy (and I had a washer full of dirty washcloths to prove it!) She has been sticking her head way down into gopher holes and has just been a mess. As a result her beard was blackish gray instead of white. I felt good though, because when I took her in, the groomer enthusiastically said that she can tell that Liesl has a good and happy life, and that she can tell that I just let her have fun being a dog. She said that loves to see a happy dog who gets to have a lot of fun. We agreed to keep Liesl's feathers short to support her active life style at the beach and in her yard.

I felt really out of sorts having Liesl away for four hours. She is with me all of the time. So I did some chores, and worked on some projects for work. I also ran a few errands, then picked Liesl up right on time. She was so happy to see her momma and vice versa. The newly bathed Liesl lasted about 10 minutes. She wanted to go outside, I thought to go potty. Instead, she immediately had her head down a gopher hole. sigh. She is incorrigible.

I have spent the last couple of hours stitching, which was a little piece of heaven. It will be an early evening due to the time change. I want to be fully rested for tomorrow at church. We are working on a new member service in the near future. Earlier this week, a young lady in our church asked me to be her sponsor as she joins our church. I feel so honored and a bit humbled. I take this very seriously, so I want to find out exactly what I should be doing so that I fulfill my responsibilities.

Remember to change your clocks tonight! I will have stitching photos tomorrow!

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