Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here Comes The Rain Again...

Well, we are supposedly due for another big storm tonight. I battened down the hatches. Okay, really, I just made sure the windows were up on my PT Cruiser, but the other way sounded a bit more dramatic. It seems like for the last few weeks we keep getting these forecasts of the mother of all storms coming, so I stop watering, only to not have to storms come and then I am all off on my watering schedule. Anyway, tonight it is supposed to pour, but I have seen nary a raindrop.

In anticipation of the big storm, Liesl and I came right home, whereupon I immediately donned my jammies. It is cold here, so it was a good evening to be snuggled into the sofa with Liesie. I was wearing a pair of thick wool socks that my daughter knit for me, which was kind of like a hug, only for my feet. I spent the evening un-stitching that section that was in error on Star Spangled Banner. I had planned to snap a photo, but I was too embarrassed to show you.

I had two great phone calls today. One was one of my closest friends, with whom I have been playing phone tag in the evenings. She said that she figured she could reach me for at least a half minute at work to send a hug. It made me happy. The other phone call was with my dear daughter at the end of the day, just catching up. I am looking forward to seeing her this week at Knitting Circle, where we have a lot of fun and laughter with our knitting friends.

Well, dreamland is calling...

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