Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Weekend Sped By!

I have to say that falling back is a lot more fun than springing forward in Daylight Savings. Losing that hour was harsh. LOL Time seemed to be moving at warp speed, too!

Here is my progress on Star Spangled Banner. I am having a lot of fun stitching this. It appears that I had a really old 902 as my red. I had run out, and had to pull a skein of the same number that I had bought a few weeks ago. The newer dye lot had a lot more "pink" to it than the old, which was really noticeable. I pulled out my DMC collection and was able to find a closer match in another number. But I was a bit nervous for a while there. All is well.

Prayers continue to go up for the people of Japan. I was watching the national news earlier this evening and they had before and after photos of the region from Google Earth. It really brought home the scale of the devastation. I can not begin to imagine what the victims are going through. It really helps me to remember how fragile life really is.

May you have a blessed week.

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Bernice said...

beautiful colors , looking forward to seeing more