Thursday, March 10, 2011

Note To Self...

Okay, note to self- if it is past my bedtime, and I have been going through pages of online research for hours to the point where stuff is not making sense, then I really should not attempt a post here. Tonight I remembered that I had not proofed my post last night because I was so overly tired. Wow, that was just not no good English writin' right there. LOL To my dear readers who had to try to follow any path of logic of mine, I apologize. I shall try to remember basic sentence structure in the future. I will also try not to ramble.

Tonight was Knitting Circle. Oh, boy, it was so much fun. We had yummy comfort food and lots of laughter. It is amazing that I can be so stressed out before I get to Knitting Circle, or even just by trying to get to Knitting Circle. However, by the end of the evening, I walk out of there so relaxed, happy and laughing. We have so much fun together and talk about so many different things. I feel so badly for my daughter though and really missed her. She has been really sick with an Upper Respiratory Infection and could not come. This virus that is going around is really bad. She says she has been sleeping most of the week.

Tomorrow is Friday of a really busy and long week. It will be a busy day as always, but everything just sort of falls into place on Fridays. I am still working on my weekend plans, but look forward to having a little down time.

Have a great Friday!

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PJ said...

I think I have the black lung... *cough cough*

I missed you guys too, I'm starting to crave human contact!