Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Sun Broke Through The Clouds!

Yay! We had a break in the weather. Last night the whole house was shaking. The wind was so strong that stuff was hitting the house. It sounded like someone was knocking on the door. What made me love my little dog even more is that she kept putting herself between me and the door before she barked a warning. She is no more than a foot tall, but has the courage of a really big dog when it comes to protecting her momma. She felt the need to patrol the house throughout the night because it was so noisy. She is a special girl and I just adore her.

I had made a lot of progress on my stitching, only to find that I was a row off on one of my sections. I have not had to frog much so I am not too upset about it. I was planning on posting a photo, but now that I know there is an error, it is glaring to me! LOL It is all I can see now. So I will pull it out and then take a photo. Otherwise, I made a lot of progress in another section.

I had another concert today, so I got to stitch in between pieces. It is nice because I can sit and talk with my close friends while I stitch. One of my friends has had to go through some pretty serious stuff in the past year. It is truly a gift in a friendship that the same people that you have shed tears with, are also the people who make you laugh. My two friends were teasing me and making me laugh really hard. It is such a blessing when you get to share laughter with your close friends.

Before I sign off, I have been thinking a lot about emergency preparedness lately. I work with people who work with EMS and work on county wide disaster preparedness. Therefore, I get a lot of reminders about being ready. Living close to a couple of major fault lines in California, there is a big expectation of a large earthquake here in the near future. My co-workers are always reminding me that "you can live without food for 30 days, but you can only live 7 days without water." The most important thing you can put away for an emergency is water. We have been told to buy gallon bottles of water and write the date of purchase with a Sharpie on it. Then put it in a cool dark place. Make sure you also account for the water needs for your pets, too! I have put seven gallons of water away for Liesl and I for a week. So just thought I would pass that along. Be prepared!

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Daffycat said...

LOL My Sheba is afraid of storms. I survive them with a 60 pound Border Collie cringing at my feet!