Monday, March 14, 2011

An Evening Of Perfection

You know those days that are absolutely ordinary and you get to the end of it and you realize that it was, in fact, true perfection? That was my day today. I had a typical busy Monday, but got a lot done, worked with really wonderful people, and was reading a really good book on my lunch hour. I ended up getting off at a reasonable time and headed home, wondering how late it would be light with the time change.

I got home as dark clouds were settling in on the Peninsula, which made it look really dramatic. Yet there was not rain. I threw on my sweats and went out to work in the garden for a while. It was nice to de-stress while pulling weeds. Liesl trotted around the yard, ever vigilant for gophers and the opportunity to put her whole head down a gopher hole. (I give up.) I had filled a whole yard waste container by 7pm and felt like I had accomplished alot! Made a super healthy dinner with salmon, which I had to share with a pair of big brown eyes that were making themselves visible above the rim of my plate (I was eating on the sofa). I gave Liesl a few cuddles and kisses, then sat down to stitch while she cuddled up next to me to go to sleep. It was quiet and I felt so very content.

With the time change and the storm clouds keeping the heat in, the house was really nice and warm. Usually, my craft room/office does not get very warm during the winter, so I do not get to spend a lot of time in there. Tonight it was quite comfy, and I got to see all of my craft toys. It made me feel so happy to be in that room.

There is so much happiness and peace in the ordinary. I love the fun and adventure in my life, but I also love when I can just live in the moment in the quiet evenings. An evening with a small, beautiful dog, and the peace of knowing how truly fortunate and blessed that I am.

May you be blessed as well...

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