Thursday, March 3, 2011

Orchid Update!

Well, my orchid must be happy because it continues to do its magical thing and is blooming slowly. I think it looks rather marvelous! I am always amazed at the fact that orchid bloom can last months, and I am looking forward to seeing these blooms for some time.

Thank you for all of the good thoughts and well wishes! I have been feeling much better today and got a really good night of sleep last night. My coworker and I agree that the worst part is the swimmy feeling that we have in our heads. I figure a few more nights of rest and I should be back to my same ornery self. I was kinda bummed tonight though, because it was my Knitting Circle night. However, I really felt I should be home, getting rest and I would feel terrible bringing my germs into someone else's home. So I stayed home. I miss the fun ladies. (I am doing a boo boo lip over this.)

Usually when I am on vacation I try to buy something lovely on for my house as a memento. This staycation was no different. I was at Marshall's last week (I heart Marshall's!) and found this handmade set of utensils. I have not even taken them out of the box, because I just like looking at them, and I a not ready for them to get scratched with use.

Now normally, I love very girlie looking patterns--swirls, flowers, etc. But these were so rustic and so simply beautiful, I had to have them. I only have service for four because it was what I could afford. So lovely and to think that they are the works of someone's hands makes them even more beautiful.

Speaking of table settings, I have been having thoughts for some time that I really want to have some dinner parties. I have terrific friends and know lots of really interesting people, so I have been thinking about doing some really neat groupings of people for eating wonderful food and having great conversation. I have run this idea past a few friends who were really thrilled with the idea and said that they would love to help. My house is too small for inside dinners, so I have been thinking about outside dinners. I have a neat area that I can string lights. Then I could borrow a long table or two and some chairs. I have a vision in my head of what I want it to look like, but it would be really simple and festive, if that makes any sense. I have some planning to do, but I think I can pull it off this summer. Yay!

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