Saturday, March 19, 2011

'Tis A Dark And Stormy Night...

Oh my goodness, it is stormy out there. It is so windy that the house is just shaking. It is supposed to be a really intense storm tonight and it is supposed to be really cold. I am happy that I made it home safely and am now snuggled inside.

Tonight was the first concert in our series. Singing on stage is really fun. And the applause is nice, but it all really is so fleeting. A few minutes and the song is over, a few seconds of applause and it is done. The most important thing and really the best part is coming home to someone who loves me and thinks I am awesome. My sweet Liesl met me at the door with lots of kisses. She has been so patient and understanding today. I rewarded her with lots of attention, games of hide and seek, peekaboo, and fetch. She also got lots of hugs and cuddles. Liesl loves hugs!

On my way home, I had a little treat. I never get fast food because, 1) it is unhealthy and 2) it costs a lot of money. But I had not eaten much today and really wanted something special. So I stopped at Jack in the Box and got their Oreo shake. It was so delicious.

In addition, to all of the fun of the evening, I got to stitch between musical pieces. Another alto was sewing, so we got to sit and do our needlework together. I am so looking forward to moving on to the words!

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Beth said...

Glad your concert went well! Hope the storm is over by now.