Friday, May 7, 2010


Today was a really good day. Busy as usual, but really good. I did have to run by Costco after work, but that was okay. I have to attend a memorial service tomorrow at church, so I needed to pick up a dessert to bring. I found a beautiful red velvet cake. As I was wheeling my cart along to head towards the checkout, I smelled a beautiful thing. 'Twas the siren song of the Costco rotisseried chickens. Oh, my goodness! They smelled so good. I was planning on leftovers tonight for dinner, but had to shift my dinner plan.

I had to put the chicken in the trunk, because it smelled so good, and my little furrygirl in the shotgun seat, was lifting her little puppy nose in the air. She was looking desperately at me, like, "Where is it?!" I got home and she stayed glued to the area where the chicken was. I made some quick potatoes, then brought our plate over to the sofa. Notice I said "our plate." I shared my chicken and my potatoes, with a little dog that was sort of hunched over my plate. (Think Snoopy when he is being a vulture. LOL) She will never eat on off of my plate, and waits to be hand fed, but she makes sure that I know she is there. LOL

I got to work on my little windmill picture tonight. They are the tinest stitches I have ever seen, so I can only work on it in small increments. I will work on it tomorrow for a while it is light. I also need to catch up on my guilty pleasure, Real Housewives on NJ. I love this show. I see that Bravo carries full episodes online. I shall have to watch the season premiere.

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