Friday, May 28, 2010

Three Day Weekend!

Oh, my goodness, it is finally here. I have been so busy for weeks so this is such a treat. A certain furry girl and I are going to get some exellent rest and fun this weekend. Our big plan so far is to stay up as late as we want tonight (which is probably another 15 minutes.) Then we will sleep in. It is supposed to be beautiful here this weekend, so we will probably start with a long walk by the water in the morning. Then back home for a nice breakfast and an afternoon of gardening, or coffee with a friend, or reading, or stitching. I am going to leave it open to what ever I feel like doing.

Liesl and I have done the grocery shopping for the weekend. We are ready. I have several invitations to meet up with friends, but I may just want to stay home with my little furbaby. It would make her happy, too.

I was taking the groceries out of the car tonight and heard the California Sea Lions barking on the beach several blocks away. It really struck me as very cool. They have been having babies down there and much of the beach area is cordoned off so that humans do not interfere with them. I still find it so exciting when I can hear them.

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