Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life is Good

Do you ever just stop and think how good your life really is? One of my very best girlfriends called and asked me to dinner tonight. I love talking with her. She is really smart and funny. We were talking about all of the great things in our lives. Of course, we have problems, frustrations and sadness like everyone else, but it is really cool to sit with someone and count all of the positives in our lives. We both talked about our families, our friends, our dogs, our jobs, etc.

We both like to talk about needle arts. She talks about her knitting and needlepoint, and I talk about my stitching. Then we usually talk about how beautiful the hardanger from Norway is. It is very expensive though. I do a little hardanger and have offered to teach her. She reminded me tonight that she is going to Norway this year with her family. (Her husband's family is in Norway.) She said that if I make a little list of hardanger supplies, she would be happy to do a little shopping for me. I know that suitcase space is limited so I am so grateful that she would offer to pick up authentic Norwegian supplies for me. I do not even know what to put on my shopping list or how much money to give her. I am so excited.

The other thing that we talk about is our beloved dogs. She has a beautiful English Springer Spaniel, who is a joy. He is very young and is adorable. We were talking about how amazing they are. We also talked about how your dog just knows when you are sick or hurting, and will do what they can to nurse us. They are such beautiful creatures and know a lot more than we give them credit for. I am so grateful for my big dog in a little outfit. She is less than a foot tall, but a really big spirit.

Life really is good.

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