Monday, May 3, 2010

Marvelous Monday!

What a good day! I got a lot of work done today. Came home to leftovers, which were delicious and made me happy.

The weather promises to be beautiful for the next 10 days, according my handy little app on my Blackberry. I got myself all inspired to do some heavy duty gardening at about 6:15. I strapped on my little gloves and headed to weed my front yard, which had been really neglected. I messed around with the easy to pull oaxalis at the front then headed over to the lily bed. There were some ugly, clinging to the earth weeds in there, but I kept persevering. The lily bed is cleared and is ready to bloom. Yay!

I worked for over an hour and only got about a quarter of the yard done. Actually, I did not work all of that time. The nice thing about the gorgeous weather was that my neighbors were also out too, so I got to chat with them. I even got to meet a neighbor that I had not had the chance to meet yet. I live in an awesome neighborhood and have really great neighbors who look out for each other.

I finished out the evening by pulling out a pattern that I remembered that I had stashed away in my bookshelf. It is a 1952 pattern of a windmill scene. I bought it at Thumbelina in Solvang last year. I saw the stitched and framed piece which had an antique look to it. I asked on a lark if the pattern was available and the proprietor handed it to me for only $8. Then he set about cutting a piece of silk gauze for it. I was getting ready to stitch it tonight and then realized that the DMC colors have changed in the past 58 years. Yikes. I put it back away for a time when I am not overly tired so that I do not make a mistake, particularly with the color.

I am excited about stitching this piece. My family ancestry is Dutch, so windmills are a bit special to me. Can't wait to post a photo of progress!

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