Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tomato Plants!

Whenever I start seeds I feel like I am a little kid starting the bean plant in a dixie cup. I am still excited when I see that first little sprout from a seed. My little tomato plants are coming along quite nicely. I also have to start the heirloom tomato seeds that my daughter and son in law gave me for Mother's Day. This is very cool. I can not wait to be eating a tomato sandwich. Yum!

I can not believe it but I woke up at 9 am today. I have not woken up that late in about 7 years. Usually if I sleep in it is usually until about 7:30 pm. Even so today, I only woke up because Liesl, who normally likes to sleep in, was nudging me with her paw and staring at me when I opened my eyes. Her expression said, "Enough already!" LOL. I got to clean up the house, stitch and play with my little furgirl. I have been so busy lately, so I was happy today when she brought me a toy, that I could play with her. She is such a beautiful little soul and she was so happy today.

I worked on Dog Lessons for People today. It is a very easy, fun stitch. I am thinking it will actually be a quick stitch, too. I will share a photo late this week.

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Pam said...

My kids and I planted some seeds this weekend and they keep checking the little pots to see if anything sprouted yet. They are as excited as you are! Good luck with the tomato plants. Nothing tastes better than home grown.