Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gingher Mia!

In what can only be described as pennies from Heaven, I am now the proud owner of Gingher Mias. Even up until last week I was still kicking myself for not being able to get these months ago when they came out. Now I believe that they are retired. Mia was a special pair of scissors that was only released through Jo Ann stores. They were not available online, and the nearest JoAnn is about an hour away from me. Only recently I saw somewhere that these are selling for about $70 on eBay.

So last week, I was minding my own business and saw that there was an email in my box from one of the internet stores that I used to order my Ginghers from. The email said that they had just gotten in a shipment of 50 pairs of Mia. They were offering them for $22 plus a discount, so I got them for $21. It is my big splurge for a while. When I was ordering them, I envisioned someone else trying to buy them up to sell on eBay. I was sure that by the time I got to place the order that they were not going to be available anymore. I am really, really lucky!

I have had an awesome day today. I did alot of gardening. I had some major weeds going in the yard, which have been removed. I am afraid that I have too many to fit in the yard waste can that Waste Management offers. Yikes! It may take two or three weeks to get it all out of here. But all in all, it looks so much better. Liesl got to stay outside and loved snoozing in the sun. She is proud of the way her yard is looking. It was such a beautiful day, and it was nice spending it out of doors.

I got to take a really long nap today too. When it got too hot to work, I went inside and laid down to read my book for a while. I quickly realized that the sofa was not totally comfortable so I went and laid down on my bed. The next thing I knew, I woke up an hour later. It was so nice.

I loved being home today. I got my house mostly cleaned, did all of my laundry, played with my puppygirl, cooked a nice dinner and just enjoyed the beautiful day.


Vicky said...

Glad that you had a lovely day and love the scissors, I must see if this brand is available in Australia.
PS I love reading your blog you are such a positive lady :)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful scissors! Oh, I've looked at these before and have almost gotten a pair. I have a weakness for Gingher's!
Nice blog!

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