Sunday, May 30, 2010

Posting Early Today

I am posting a bit early today because I am going over to one of my best girlfriend's house for dinner and an evening of stitching and laughing. Liesie is coming along, too, to play with her dog buddy over there. I am looking forward to it.

I am totally aching today from my gardening bonanza yesterday. But that did not stop me from weeding the front yard today. I have piles of weeds now waiting their turn to go into the big green bin. As I suspected, they will not all fit. Yikes. I still have more to do tomorrow, and probably the rest of the week. LOL But the weather has been so beautiful which makes it easy to go out and work in the yard.

The Nascar race started at 2pm here, so I took the opportunity to sit and stitch. I am still working on Dog Lessons for People. It has been very nice to stitch. I have been sitting on the sofa with Liesl napping with her puppy legs tucked between my back and the sofa. I do not know why she does this when it is hot out. LOL

Liesl is due a steak dinner for an act of heroism Yesterday morning at about 8 am, I had let her outside to play in the backyard while I was getting my cup of tea. All of the sudden I heard her just barking manically outside. I looked out my front window to see two men and their bicycles in my front yard moving quicky to get the gate back opened and get out fast. Luckily they could not get into the backyard gate where she was. They were obviously looking for trouble and Liesl was not having it. She must have been a scary sight to these guys. I heard from my next door neighbor that someone had come in his gate, too. This is a really nice neighborhood, and all I can think is that they were looking for a house that had people away for the long weekend that they could rob. I called the police who are now doing extra patrols. It looks like Liesl may have scared these guys out of the neighborhood.

Liesl is less than a foot tall but can look like a big ferocious dog. These dogs were bred as watchdogs in Germany and can sound a loud and very vicious sounding alarm. They are also pretty fearless and very territorial (no one messes with Liesl's momma.) They were groomed to look like the devil so that people would take them seriously. Liesl has a bit more of a puppy cut, but still has a very stoic expression. I am just glad that theses guys did not make it into the yard or worse, the house. Thank goodness, she was not in a position where she could have been hurt. It was pretty brazen of these guys to do this at 8 am on a Saturday morning. So Liesl will get a nice homecooked dinner tomorrow.

Ah, well off to my friend's!

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Marnie said...

OMG - how scary! You are right - a steak dinner is in order! Hope you had a wonderful day with your friend.