Friday, November 26, 2010

Almost done!

Willie is almost done! I am finishing up the backstitch and still have to do all of the french knots for all of the eyes on the little woodland creatures.. After that I have to iron it, then put all of the embellishments and beads on it. Bada-bing, bada-boom it will be done! Those little cardinals are so precious!

It is cold with a capital C here. We have had a freeze for the last couple of nights. I lost a couple of plants, but it could be worse. We are expecting another freeze here tonight. I have every blanket possible on the bed. Liesl has been snuggling alot in the past couple of nights, too

With as cold as it was last night, it was hard to believe anyone would be in line at the stores to shop at 4 am. It must have been really brutal. I was crazy enough to try at 7:30am only to try to see what the hubbub was all about. I wrapped Liesl up in a blanket and out the door we went. I went to Target but turned around and left pretty much immediately. The shelves were empty and it was loud and overly crowded. I trotted over to Kohl's afterward. Being the glamorous, livin' la vita loca kind of girl that I am I bought a shower curtain for half price. Glamor, glamor...

After leaving Kohl's I decided the best use of time would be to take Liesl to the dog beach in Carmel. She ran the whole beach for an hour, smiling. I love seeing all of the happy dogs on the beach. My little furgirl looked like the happiest of them all and kept stopping and jumping up on me as if to say, "This is SO great!" She came home a sandy, wet mess, took her bath, then slept all afteroon. She was a happy girl and it was way more fun than going to any more stores. It is true about the holidays really being about time spent with the ones you love.


Natasha said...

You are braver than I the Khols by me had lines that went on for miles, I think people were in line for 2 hours

I love taking my dogs to the dog beach they just have so much fun and yes they smile :)

Willie is looking great hes cute

Kay said...

I like your snowman & agree the cardinals are very sweet. It will look wonderful when completed.

Carolyn said...

Love your blog---and Willie is adorable. Need to get one to do myself. Your new background is so much easier to read. Happy Holidays!

Carolyn said...

Love your blog. Willie is adorable-need to get on to do for myself! Your new background is so much easer to read! It's fun to connect across the states--I'm on the east coast and love going to the beach.

Miss LindaLee said...

I just love and enjoy your blog, and I love Willie Melt. Love the colors. Beautiful work.