Sunday, November 7, 2010

What a lovely day. I had church first thing this morning. It was All Saint's day at church and we had a beautiful service to honor those who have gone before us. It was so meaningful and beautiful.

After church, I finally made it to Home Depot on my way home. I bought $11 worth of seeds. I bought seeds for radishes, lettuce, herbs, and carrots. I thought about planting onions and garlic, but since it is poisonous to dogs, I did not want to take a chance of Liesl getting into it and digging it up, and possibly ingesting it. It rained all day today so I was not able to get them into the ground, but I will get to it this week. I am excited.

I have gotten to stitch quite a bit this weekend. While I did not get to finish it, I did get a lot done. It felt really good to get so much work in on it.

It has been a good weekend. My house is all sparkly clean, Liesl had her bath, my assignment is done for my class. I have read, stitched, eaten healthy foods and gotten an extra hour of sleep. It has been a good, healthy weekend.

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