Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

First of all, I want to say thank you to all of the people who have served this country so unselfishly and have sacrificed so much. Today we recognize your hard work and commitment, and honor you for your service. Thank you for everything you have done on this country's behalf! May God Bless You.

Last week while I was at work, I showed some of my favorite beads to my colleague who makes jewelry. She had remarked that she really liked the red, flowery beads pictured above. So I cut half of the beads off of the strand and shared them with her. The other day she came into my office and told me she made the bracelet and earrings for me. They are so pretty and look so happy. I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. She does such beautiful work (and is a really nice person, too!)

Today was really good. I was off for the holiday. It was pretty neat to have a day off in the middle of the week. I had big plans of staying up late, watching late night television, stitching until the wee hours. But alas, I was asleep by about 9. sigh. But I woke up around eight with a little dog snuggled up to me. Today was my big spring cleaning extravaganza. I cleaned out cabinets, moved furniture to vacuum, wiped down cupboards and baseboards, and cleaned out the fridge. The heater repair person was supposed to come fix the heat, but there is a part on order, so it will be another day instead. I was able to tear apart the house then put it back together. This weekend I have to clean out my closet. I have lost alot of weight, so I have some things I need to box up and bring to one of the charitable organizations. It will be nice to have the space in my tiny closet. I also need to clean off my desk, but that will only take a few minutes.

Other than the closet clearing, Saturday is winter gardening day! I have kind of let the gardening go, because I thought that I was done for the season. So I have some major weeding to do. Then I will plant my purple potatoes followed by the seeds that are in my collection. I hope it will be warm so that Liesl and I can get lots of fresh air.

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