Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Busy Tuesday!

Today is Tuesday, you know what that means, we're gonna have a special guest...To this day, whenever I hear someone say, "Today is Tuesday" I still think of that song on the Mickey Mouse Club.

Anyway, today was a good, albeit busy Tuesday. The work was coming in in piles onto my desk. It felt good though to work through a lot of it, and I am proud to say the mound on my desk is only about a foot high now.

I think I have mentioned on quite a few occasions that I work with really wonderful people, that I really respect. They have allowed me to go on and on about my winter garden enthusiasm this week. I was talking with another friend at work yesterday who also winter gardens. Today, my friend brought me a small bucket filled with purple potatoes and purple potato seeds. What a wonderful treasure! It totally made my day! Apparently they make really groovy looking mashed potatoes but are extra delicious. My friend also had the two adorable little bitty pumpkins above in the bucket, too as an extra treat. What a kind thing to do.

I have to share a funny Liesl story. Schnauzers are really smart and really motivated by fun. I am used to watching her make up games with her toys, which is actually interesting to watch. Well, last night she decided she was going the play the game we all played as kids. It was some form of "The floor is lava." She would only walk some silly paths on the furniture, while she was playing. She thought the whole thing was hilarious, because she was smiling pretty hard while she was doing it. She really is like having a small child...

The nights and mornings are really cold here now. I have every blanket possible on the bed. Liesl was shivering yesterday morning in the car on the way to work, so I put a warm throw in the car for her and tucked her in for the commute this morning. She loves being all snuggled in. She is fun to spoil.

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