Monday, November 22, 2010

Stitching Night! Whoohoo!

I got to stitch for a while this evening. I worked on Willie, although I am thinking of putting him to the side and working on Ellie May for a while, to break it up a bit. I try not to do that but thought that since they are part of a set that it would be okay.

I had to be at work at 6:30am so I was up at 4:30 this morning. I still stayed late working on some projects. It is just a busy time of year at work, which is actually kind of exciting. It was cold and rainy today and I was tired when I got home. I just sat down on the sofa in my coat and work clothes and stared at the news for a while. Liesl was really tired from the long day and went right to sleep on the sofa next to me. We both got up about an hour later and had our dinner. I felt a bit better, changed into my sweats, set up camp in my stitching corner and stitched away. I am not even feeling guilty about not washing my dinner dishes. They can wait until tomorrow morning.

I have been thinking the past few days about all of the things that I have to be thankful for. First and foremost, I am grateful for God's unconditional love. He has walked with me through both pain and joy. I am so thankful for my faith.

As I stitch this week, I am reflecting on my blessings. I am also grateful that I have a hobby that I love, that gives me joy and relaxes me. I am also grateful for the blessing I received tonight in the form of a phone call from an old friend. It was so wonderful to hear her voice. She is also a woman of tremendous faith. We both reflected on our blessings and our faith, and the fact that God brought us together as friends. She has gone through the worst, most horrible year that a person can go through, yet she is a pillar of strength and an inspiration of dignity and grace in the face of these things, including a some of the saddest events you can imagine. I am so fortunate to have her as my friend.

One more thing I have to share for the evening. If you live near a Trader Joe's, you simply have to try the Sipping Chocolate. It is really superior hot cocoa. And if you have superior hot cocoa you should probably have a superior marshmallow, as well. Homemade marshmallows are divine and until you have had one, you have not had a marshmallow. The best part, they are so easy peazy to make! Here is the best recipe ever, courtesy of Martha Stewart:

Happy Stitching!

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