Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, Whoooohoooooo!

This has been such a busy week and I am feeling a bit tired. I got a lot done at work so I feel good about that, but I am still really ready for some rest. It is supposed to rain this weekend, which is good. I am hoping to get a hike in with little Miss Liesl, but other than that I have to write a paper, study for a mid-term, and of course, stitch my heart out.

I ran my errands after work. I really wanted to go to Home Depot to look for seeds, but I was out of energy. I thought it best to come home after picking up the essentials, like shampoo and a new puppy toy. Mini schnauzers are highly toy motivated. Liesl loves to get a new toy. She will generally do a victory lap around the house with her new treasure. She has way more toys than the average dog, but I have to say that she does not mess with my stuff, like shoes. I can totally leave my shoes laying around the house. Her toys are way more interesting to her.

So I stitched tonight. I am almost done. It just looks so cute. I will miss stitching him, but luckily there is a cutie behind this one. I will post a pic this weekend!

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