Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cozy Evening At Home

I was working on a project at work and had to stay a bit late tonight. That was okay because I think I am on my way to solving a puzzle, which feels good. Liesl ate her dinner then went right to sleep. I had to work on an assignment for my class but it went really fast. I even got in some stitching time. Yay!

Thank you for the sweet comments about my little furgirl. I think you can see that she is a really big ham. I never realized until she trotted into my life how much you could love a dog. For those of you who also love dogs, I want to share a tip that I got in my daily email from today. I did not realize that acorns are really dangerous and potentially deadly to dogs. Apparently, they can cause renal failure. Liesl is always really interested in the squashed ones, but she is hearing "leave it" ever since I read that. The world can be a dangerous place for do keep your dogs from eating acorns. Oh, and the other email they sent me yesterday said that dogs can actually eat dried cranberries. Raisins are an absolute no no. But the cranberries, in moderation, are actually good for the whole urinary tract. I might try mixing a little spoonful from time to time with Liesl's food.

I was walking dogs today with one of my friends from work who also likes to garden. She was telling me about her winter garden. I was blown away. I have lived in Northern California for like, ever, and I did not know about this. She said that since the ground on the Central Coast does not freeze that we can garden year round. So she said that she will pass on some potato seeds. I can also grow radishes, lettuces, garlic, carrots, and peas. Best of all, she grows these things from seeds and she said that I do not even have to start them inside. This is awesome news to me. I will be looking at seeds this weekend at Home Depot, a wonderland of delightful, inspiring products! For $10 of seeds I can have winter fun and yummy things to eat. Yay!

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