Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gosh, That Three Day Weekend Went Fast!

I can not believe it is Sunday night already. How did that happen? Three days flew by. They were busy ones, that is for sure! I am still coming down from the concert on Friday night. It was so awesome. Yesterday, I got to go to my quilting buddy's graduation, where she received her Master's Degree. It was such a beautiful ceremony and we are all so proud of her.

Today went especially fast. As I was driving home from church, the sky was blue, there was a nice warm breeze and it was 75 degrees. I thought about taking Liesie to the beach, but figured it would be super crowded. So instead we puttered around the yard (she was hunting gophers and has a muddy beard to prove it). I got a bunch of gardening and weeding done. I still can't believe it was so warm. We have had rain and freezes lately so I have not been in the yard in a few weeks. It was full of surprises. My Rhododendron is in bloom, as well as one of my rose bushes. My camellias are about to bloom. What shocked me the most is that my tomato plants are still blooming and I was totally stunned to find that they have little green tomatoes on them. It is crazy.

After coming in I had to study for my final exam in my class. I have to take it by Tuesday night. I am sort of feeling out of sorts about it. I really liked this class, but it really took a lot of time because it was so hard. It looks like the college has been impacted by budget cuts because the course selection for this upcoming semester seemed really reduced. I did not see anything that I really wanted to take, so I am taking a semester off. I love school, and feel a little sad, but I figure God has other plans for me for the next few months. One of my dear friends reminded me tonight on the phone that my time will fill up fast!

After I studied, I got to stitch the rest of the evening. I am working on Ellie May and she will be as cute as Willie. The color combo is awesome. It will be fun to have more stitching and reading time after I finish this test. I also picked up my perle cottons the other day so I am ready to work on my hardanger pieces.

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