Saturday, December 4, 2010

Liesie and Me Day

Well, the best laid plans and all that. I had big plans of crafting, but alas, I only had #8 Perle cotton and I needed #12, too, for my hardanger piece. Okay, so I figured that I would just go ahead and knit. This would have been a good alternative, except that I could not find my circular knitting needles. It was okay though. It was a rainy afternoon, so I deep cleaned the house, finished the laundry, then settled in with a book. I took an embarassingly long nap, too. I must have been really tired. Liesl must have been really tired, too because that is how she spent the entire day. LOL

I did go putter around in the craft room. I felt pretty inspired in there. I shall have to pick up some perle cotton tomorrow afternoon. I really want to work on this hardanger piece. It is an Ernie Bishop heart and is so darling. I love her designs.

I have a funny Liesl story. Schnauzers can be stubborn in the most frustrating way possible. In fact, I think as Liesie gets older she gets a bit more stubborn and opinionated. Which can also be kind of funny, since she is less than a foot tall. Anyway, schnauzers can be a bit like cats in that if someone really wants her to come to them, a schnauzer will figure on doing something else and will not even make eye contact. Such was the case this week. Liesl has a long line of visitors to my office daily. She has to see her peeps. She loves everyone at work, they are all part of her pack. So one of the guys at work came and was calling her to visit him at the door. (we all have Dutch doors to our offices) She had been napping but for some reason, she did the cat thing, and just stood there looking at him from about four feet away. He laughed, and said, "Liesl, are you schnauzin' me?" I cracked up. What a great word. It sort of says it all if you know and/or love a schnauzer. They are all attitude. LOL

I think what is really great about the breed is that they can balance all of that attitude with being the most loving, loyal and funny of furbabies. I think it is why they have such a loyal following. She is so funny because her friends are at work, both dogs and people. So at the end of the day, she will drag her feet going to the car. She will find every reason to stop, dawdle and detour. She does not want to leave her friends.

Well, I will craft tomorrow afternoon. I am looking forward to it. For tonight, I am all about my book and going to sleep early.

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