Monday, December 13, 2010

Hangin' Out With the Big Dog!

Truly, I have a big dog in a little outfit. Picture a dog less than 20 pounds, less than a foot tall, that never got the memo that she is little. Now I have to keep up the charade and let her live in the bubble. LOL Today she was running up the hillside with her two buddies, one a Queensland Healer and the other is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, I believe. She runs with them, shoulder bumps them, and smack talks all the way. Both of these dogs have 30-40 pounds a piece on her, but she is fearless and holds her own. She got a nice, professional bath at the groomer on Friday. Today her little legs and beard were covered with mud, but she was smiling the entire way. Cracked me up. My groomer likes to remind me that mini schnauzers are working dogs. Which kind of explains them thinking they are bigger than they are.

So after all of her fun, she came home, ate her dinner, hid some toys under the TV cabinet for me to retrieve (she thinks this is hilarious), and crashed on the sofa. This meant that I could study and then do some stitching. It was nice to get some stitching done. I will post a photo as soon as Ellie starts to take shape a bit. Otherwise, it just sort of looks funky.

I have been thinking about my free time after I take my final tomorrow. I realize my friend is really right that it will fill up fast. I am getting really excited as I think about it. I have a lot of things that I have been wanting to do. This class was taking about 2-3 nights a week to handle the workload, well worth it, but having that kind of bonus time will be awesome. I am afraid that I might get used to it, and I am only supposed to take one semester off. I better make the time count!

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