Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oy vey. It has been a crazy week. Murphy and his pesky law has been getting on my last good nerve. LOL What do you mean, we are only into Day 2?

Okay, it has been a little bit of a challenge to look for the miracles this week, with the whole Murphy's Law thing going down. But I have a good one. Lately, I have been wanting a new tote bag, because I need one with compartments, but those tend to be pricey. I just need something to haul my water, some stitching, Liesie's stuff, my Kindle, etc., but I want to keep it all separated out. So fast forward to today. Every year at this time, we receive a little gift at work, which I totally forgot about. Usually we receive coffee cups, notebooks, etc. Well, today, we received the most amazing tote bag ever. It is of a heavy duty material, the perfect size, and has a net pocket on each side for my Sigg bottle of water. It has pen holders on the outside, so that my pens do not roll around on the bottom. It has three compartments, including one pocket that is the perfect size for my Kindle. It was a very cool little miracle and something I was wishing for. Cool, huh.

So here is my other little miracle. I have been thinking for a few months now of stitching Mother of Innocence by Cross My Heart. I have the pattern and fabric in my stash. I actually bought the pattern at CATS several years ago. I am not even sure you can get it anymore. It is such a beautiful picture, and has really been on my mind several times a week. The colors are very subtle, and I am afraid of it not having a lot of variation, so I have really been questioning if it is something I want to undertake. However, like I said, it has been on my mind. So anyway, when I finally got home tonight, I checked the mailbox and yay, I had received several Christmas cards. I opened the first one and lo and behold, the picture on the front was Mother of Innocence. It is so beautiful, and I really think I am going to have to dig that pattern out.

I had to work pretty late tonight, so I did not get to stitch. My co-worker stayed to finish the project with me. Her little dog, a little buddy of Liesl's also was in my office with us. It was kind of cute to see Liesl playing with her buddy while we worked. Both of them are such sweet dogs, and were pretty patient about having to stay at work until almost 7.

I still have to finish up my initials for my friends. They are quick stitches, so I hope to get them all finished in the next couple of days. I may have to pick up more DMC 304, which is a great red, by the way. I am so pleased with how they are coming along, so I am excited to share them with my friends. I can't wait until they see them!


April Mechelle said...

Sounds like a sign that you need to start the new project MOI.. Sorry you worked late and missed out on stitching!! Merry christmas1

Vicky said...

Patti and Liesl I would just like to wish you a Merry Christmas and I hope 2011 is everything that you wish it to be :)