Sunday, December 5, 2010

Willie Melt

Well, the stitching part is done! Whoohoo! Now I have to iron it and apply all of the beads. Naturally, it takes a lot of mental fortitude for me to take the iron and ironing board out. I may actually have to do a couple of shirts while it is out, just to make sure the whole ordeal is worth it. In any case, there are large snowflakes done in bugle beads to be applied. I am ordering button noses for both Willie and Ellie May because I do not like the ones that were included in the kit. He sure is a cutie-pie!

I have pulled out Ellie May to be at the ready. She is just as cute.

I had to reorganize my fridge tonight after I got home because it was totally out of control. So I ended up making two soups and a winter salad, because I had to use up a bunch of stuff. I love this particular salad and actually take it for snacks at work. It is made with Marie's Poppyseed dressing. This dressing tastes good on pretty much anything. Here is the recipe:

1 bunch of broccoli, raw, cut into the smallest florets possible
1 large green apple, cut into small bite sized pieces (it is a bit better with the skin on)
1 handful of dried cranberries (add more if you like 'em)
1 handful of chopped walnuts

Pour Marie's Poppyseed dressing on to coat everything (about half a bottle). Mix it up.

As I said earlier, I eat it for a snack, but also use it for side salad. It is really good with pork chops.

Well, I am off to get some sleep so that I am ready to meet the week! Hope you have a happy Monday!


Linda K's Creativity Works said...

That is so cute and very adorable...I love this pattern and I have it too somewhere in my stash.

Congratulations on your finish

Take care & Happy Stitching
Hugs :) from Cold Snowy Northern Indiana
Linda K, Railroad

Lizy said...

Congralulations on your finish so cute!!!

Raggedy Ann said...

I LOVE this!
Lorri Birmingham designs are so adorable,
great job!