Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

What a blessed day! Liesl and I woke up this morning to see that Santa had come for Liesie. She has been a really good girl (except when she gets a case of schnauzer naughtiness. LOL) so Santa brought her a purple monkey, and a puzzle toy. Santa loves puppies, too and brought Liesl things that make her happy.

The picture above is one of the presents my daughter gave me. It is SO cool. The little Lego Tony Stewart even has beard stubble. LOL My children were so thoughtful and generous with my gifts. I also got a magnetic board to hold my patterns. I have always wanted one.

It was such a wonderful day with my family. It is so rare that we can all get together. I just love them so much, so it was just a joy to be with them. Liesl was on her very best behavior, although she was wondering why my daughter's cat did not want to play with her. My daughter made an amazing prime rib for dinner. It was so good. We also had my potatoes and green bean casserole. We had an incredibly delicious cherry pie for dessert. I was so stuffed. I realized how out of shape I am though, when I was "feeling the burn" while I was ricing my potatoes. LOL Words for the New Year, "Upper Body Strength."

This has been a beautiful Christmas. I have felt so much love for those around me, and felt so much love from my family and friends. That has been the most amazing gift to me. Last week, our pastor had challenged us to look for the miracles during the week. I found them all around me, and found myself feeling in awe and excited about seeing what would happen next. It is not restricted to this time of year either. Miracles are around us all of the time.

I wish you a truly beautiful Christmas and much love and joy in your life.

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Penny said...

your day sounds beautiful. I am so glad to meet another Stewart Fan. My mom got me his 14 lounge pants for Christmas. LOL. Now I just need a t shirt to go with it. Have a wonderful new year