Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fat Quarters!

Well, here are the fat quarters I bought yesterday. I got them to make this: I figure that starting with a small project will keep me motivated. I was looking for the coffee bean fabric that is used in the model, but saw the chicken fabric and had to have it. I totally love chicken themed things in the kitchen and this material is gorgeous.

I did not work on my project today. It was a gorgeous day, so in the afternoon after church, Liesl and I met a friend at the beach in Carmel. Liesl ran the whole beach, smiling the whole way. It is a joy to walk the beach in Carmel. It is a dog beach, where dogs can be off lead. The dogs all run and play with each other. It is a place of pure joy, and there are smiling dogs everywhere. It makes your heart smile to walk amongst all of that happiness.

I did get to stitch tonight, which was pretty nice and relaxing. I may have to put Ellie May away for a while, because I am getting frustrated with it though. The hat has four colors of gold in it, and the changes are so subtle. I have spent a bit of time pulling out stitching because I have stitched with the wrong color gold. I stitch for fun and enjoyment and right now I do not like this piece very much. I will try tomorrow, but if it does not work, she will go back into the package for another time and I will find something else to work on.

Other than the stitching issues I had a nearly perfect evening. The foghorns have been calling out into the night constantly, which I always find so comforting. I wore my new socks tonight and had some sipping chocolate with homemade marshmallows. My exhausted little Liesl is asleep by my feet. I feel sort of decadent and comfy cozy. I have also been reflecting on my conversation with my friend today. My friend and I talked today about counting blessings today and the feeling of gratitude for the blessings we have. We talked about all of our wonderful friends, our pets, and our faith. I love having these conversations with my friends. In every conversation the first blessings the people always mention is the love of family and friends, pets, health, etc. It is always the stuff that can not be bought. The biggest blessing is always the quality of their relationships. No one mentions their electronics, their cars, things, etc. Those are nice extras and are fun, but I always hear people talk about love first. Love is such an amazing gift and truly the best blessing of all.

Speaking of love, I am off to give Liesl an extra hug. She is truly a blessing to me and I am so fortunate.

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