Friday, January 7, 2011


I heart my job, but I am totally exhausted. This has been a long week, with very long hours. One day this week, I got home around 6:30, ate dinner, and was in bed by 8:30 and asleep by 8:45. January is a crazy month for accountants as we try to close a month, a quarter and the calendar year all at the same time. It has been pretty hectic, and next week is just as stressful as I have to meet 15th of the month deadlines. This is actually a very satisfying time, as I get to reconcile a lot of accounting puzzles. I like the fast pace, and the mental challenge of it all. But it is hectic. Liesl and I are going to sleep in as our top priority tomorrow.

I was pretty keyed up when I got home, so I started my house cleaning and have most of it out of the way. This will translate to more stitching time this weekend, as well as more time to read. The weather is supposed to gorgeous this weekend, so Liesl and I are meeting up with friends, furry and human, for a couple of long walks. We both need to get some fresh air. I also need to sweep up some debris in my yard from all of the recent winter storms. I am already envisioning my yard for this spring and summer. I would really like to find a secondhand (cheap) chimnea for my backyard. It would seem to me to be a bit cozy to sit around with friends.

I am really looking forward to getting a needle and thread in my hand this weekend. I really missed stitching this week. I was just out of energy by the time I got home, and did not have anything left for hobbies. But my artistic endeavors are calling to me, and so I really feel like I need to stitch.

My plan is to work on Ellie May Melt this weekend. There are some really cute freebies that are calling to me from the Freebie Blog listed to the right on my blog roll though. There is a really cute freebie of the Eiffel Towel I have been meaning to stitch for like a year. It calls to me with that sweet siren song of, "Start something new..." LOL

I am including a picture of a cute ornament I bought at the local craft store for about 60 cents. They were having an 80% off sale on their Christmas stuff, and I could not resist it. I am going to leave it out all year. It looks cute in my red kitchen. I do so love red and I just thought this was adorable. It makes me happy.

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