Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Moon? You Betcha!

Oh my goodness, you can totally tell it is a full moon. It was a crazy day starting at 1:30 in the morning. Someone in the usually quiet neighborhood was running a power tool. Then at 2:45 another one was putting his trash cans out on the curb. This is not normal, at all. Then my computer started acting up and all other things kept going odd this morning. As I was recounting this to a coworker, she pointed out that it is a full moon. At that point I considered going home, going back to bed and pulling the covers over my head. It was a totally funky and freaky day, not bad, just weird. I am going to go to bed early so I can get it over with. On days like this, I love the fact that I can hug my dog. She is such a warm, loving little dog and giving her a hug sort of melts the weird days of life.

Yesterday was like Christmas for me. One of my coworkers passes her copies of O, Better Homes and Gardens, and Sunset magazines to me. She had been making a pile of them for a while for me and brought them in a big stack. I was so excited. Now I have to find someone to pass them to when I am done, so we can keep recycling. Magazines are the snack food of the reading world and are such a fun treat.

Well, it has been a really long, funky day and I would love to go stitch for a while. Then I am off to dreamland...

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Danielle said...

Um, a power tool at 1:30 am?? WTH? I liked your comment about magazines. So true!!