Saturday, January 15, 2011

So Good To Be Home

Whoohoo! These are my new socks that my daughter knit for me. They are so cute and such happy colors. They are also Merino wool and super duper soft. Great for cold nights in front of the fire when it is chilly outside. I just love them and can't wait to wear them.

My daughter came over last night for dinner and a stitching night. We had so much fun. We had the noodle dinner she had requested earlier in the week, and we ate half a box of Trader Joe's Chocolate Hazelnut candies. Yum. We got to chat and laugh. Liesl was so happy to see her, too, and stayed close to both of us. I stayed up way late last night and have been feeling it today, but it was oh, so worth it.

Today was super fun, too. My quilting friend had invited me to go to a free quilting demo this morning, so off we went to our favorite quilt shop. The shop was packed, as was the free demo, there was a lot of great information and we had a wonderful time. I just bought a few fat quarters for a small project I am going to work on tomorrow. I will post photos of the fat quarters then. It was so much fun. The weather was in the 70's today, so we also got to walk around downtown Pacific Grove for a little bit. The sunshine felt good.

I arrived home in the early afternoon, to puppy kisses and tail wags, which is the best welcome I can think of. Since it was a gorgeous day, Liesl and I took a long walk then came home to play ball in the yard. It was so warm, and I got a surprise in my garden. A beautiful goldfinch was visiting my trees and spent quite a bit of time in my yard. It was so beautiful and I felt so lucky to see it. I have never seen one here before. Pretty neat!

I had big plans of stitching and quilting this afternoon, but decided instead to play outside with Liesie and then come in and restore order to the palace. I got all of my household chores done. I have Monday off, so I have a bonus day to stitch and sew. I can't play until all of my chores are done, it just drives me crazy. If the weather stays beautiful I would also love to work in my garden. I have to prune my rose bushes and weed the flower beds. It is hard to believe that it is in the 70's in January, but what a blessing.

I have really had a lot of fun the past couple of days. The very best part though is the fact that I have gotten to spend time with my wonderful family and friends. I am so fortunate to get to share my days and my journey with such wonderful people. I am also fortunate for the puppy kisses that I get everyday, and the little furry soul who makes the journey at my side.


Natasha said...

ohh I just love your socks. How very nice :)

I was so thrilled with the weather today I almost forgot what the sunshine felt like LOL

Me and our pups are going to spend the morning on Sunday at the beach it is going to be another beautiful day

Danielle said...

Great socks. I am such a sock person. I am like you, all chores need to be done before I can sit down to stitch or read or whatever.