Monday, January 31, 2011

January Is Over!!!!

Thank goodness. January is the craziest month of the year for business accountants because you are closing out the month of December, the fourth quarter of the year, and the calendar year. This means meeting some pretty important state and federal deadlines. Needless to say, it has been a bit exciting. I am happy to say though that I got the last 1099 out with an half an hour to spare today. I actually left work at 5 pm for the first time in about a month. The adrenaline also stopped pumping for the first time in a month. I got everything done that I needed to and it feels good.

I have been working late alot during January, and as a result I was out of groceries. I was out of bread, and had about 1/2 inch of milk left in the container as well as half a head of lettuce. So off I headed after work to my friendly neighborhood Trader Joe's. I totally heart TJ's. I celebrated meeting all of my deadlines this month with a goat cheese pizza. Yum. Being the classy chick that I am, I washed it down with Cherry Kool-Aid. :) Liesl knew which carrier had her TJ's puppy treats in it and made sure that I was aware that she would like to partake of some freeze dried liver. Delish. LOL

Poor Liesl must have been picking up on my stress for the past month, too. I was really racing hard to make my last deadline, a huge one at that. We both came home tired, but she came home, ate her dinner, played a little bit of hide and seek with me, then walked off to bed at 7pm, exhausted. She has been such a little trooper on those really long days at the office. I totally owe her a few walks on the dog beach. The next couple of weeks will be busy, too, now that we are in a new month, but nothing like January.

So, I did stitch tonight. I think this piece will go quite quickly. I also think it will be fun to stitch. It was nice to have time to sit and stitch. With Liesl in her bed so early, I was able to stretch out on the sofa, with the blanket and stitch away. Now I am going to read my book and hope to sleep restfully!


Danielle said...

I have been meaning to comment for a while now. I totally love your blog. You seem to live a life of peace and content amidst your busy work life. I am a koolaid lover also, although these days I drink a lot of Crystal Light. I swear their fruit punch tastes just like koolaid. Yummy! I look forward to seeing some stitching pics!

Gloria said...

I am now retired but I remember the January craziness. Congratulations on surviving the January avalanche of accounting duties.

Gillie said...

Good for you, now for some stitching and some pictures!