Monday, January 10, 2011

It is nice and quiet this evening. The weather was so cold today, but it is toasty warm in my house. Liesl is asleep by my feet. The dishes are done. The television is off and it is just quiet. I love when the house is like this and the only sound is the heater and soft puppy snores.

It has been very quiet in my house lately. The television offerings have been pretty disappointing. It seems like the only thing on Discovery are three and four year old Mythbusters re-runs. I love Mythbusters and all, but come on. I made a commitment to myself last year, that when nothing is on television I will turn it off and go find something else to do, and usually ending up reading. There are whole days on weekends that I do not turn it on and I find that I really do not miss it. There is a lot more fun to be had.

I got to talk to my daughter earlier this evening. We made arrangements to get together later this week for a stitching night. She knits and I stitch. In fact, she is bringing me a brand new pair of socks that she knit for me. Yay! I saw them at Christmas and they are adorable. I have a couple of pairs that she knit for me and I will only wear them around the house so they won't get ruined. They made me happy. Anyway, I told her that I would make her dinner and she asked if she could make a request. She wants a noodle dish that I used to make when she and her brother were small. There is something wonderful and heartwarming to be able to cook for your grown children. That chance to nurture them again and spoil them with love and good food like when they were small. So, I will make her the noodle dish. We plan on drinking sipping chocolate, too. I really need to get started on the homemade marshmallows now.

Liesl will be happy to have company, too. A cool thing about her is that she knows people and other dog's names. My daughter is one of her favorite people. I can not even say her name otherwise, Liesl goes straight to the window and starts looking for her, while getting herself all worked up with excitement. She loves when people come over, because, of course, they are here to see her. LOL I am just here to open the door for her, and drive her around. LOL

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Barb said...

Have a wonderful visit with your daughter! Daughters are special. My daughter and I are planning a girls trip to the city (Seattle) soon! I so love your dog! I grew up with one just like yours. Thanks to an adult developed allergy, I can't have a dog! Boo Hoo!