Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

First of all, confession time. I love Cherry Kool-Aid. I do. I always have packets of it in my kitchen cabinet. I make it with Splenda. I like it better than soda. With the weather in the high 70's for the past week, it has been a nice treat. It has been unusually hot here. Usually in January we have freezes and lots of rain and mud. It is unnatural, I tell you.

Tonight was the first night in a few weeks that I got out of work while it was still light. It was so nice to drive home and see the beautiful colors in the sky while the sun was setting. Liesl rode with her little head poking out the window, mustache and beard flapping in the wind. She always looks a little hilarious when she turns and looks at me after she does that. Her muzzle will be all puffed up with her mustache hair going every which way. She always keeps a dignified, straight face when she looks at me, which only makes her look ridiculous. I think she does it on purpose.

Okay, something totally weird and freaky happened today. We have caller ID on our phones at work. Today my office phone was ringing, so I looked over to see who was calling. The number on the phone was MY landline home phone number! In that split second, it was amazing how many thoughts could go through my head. I was thinking that I knew I had set the burglar alarm. I was thinking that if someone had broken into my house, how and why they would call me at work? That was when I saw that the area code was different. How freaky is that! What are the chances?

Well, I am off to dreamland.


natalyK said...

OMG! That Cherry Kool-Aid brings back sooo many memories for me. My auntie used to make it for our make-shift picnics under her pine trees in the back yard. Thanks for that . Have a great day!

Karen said...

That phone number incident is darned freaky! It certainly would have had my imagination going.