Saturday, January 29, 2011

For The Love Of A Dog

God does not you the dog you want, He sends you the dog you need. My fellow dog lovers and I say this all of the time. Before Liesl, I always thought that if and when I ever got a dog, it would be a little chihuahua that would lay in my lap and get carried around in a little bag, wherever I went. God had other plans. Liesl was four months old and the neighbor to my son, when her then owners approached my son and asked him if he knew anyone who wanted a dog. He said yes, and went to work selling the idea. She looked so small and so scared, and was content to just occupy a lap that first night.

That very next day, she was a bit more comfortable and showed that she was energetic, sassy, busy, funny and not really much of a lapdog at all. In fact, to this day, she will sit on my lap on rare occassions, if she is really tired, or not feeling well, or is scared. As a stitcher, I realize this probably would not work well anyway. She will snuggle next to me, which is still pretty nice.

She is amazing to me in so many ways. She is a total goofball, that makes me laugh out loud. She is playful, loving, and also really sassy. If she is dozing off and the television is a wee bit too loud, she will make a big show of marching off to the bedroom to go to sleep. LOL She can be very dramatic.

I realize yet again that God's plan is perfect. He sent along the dog I needed. One that gets me up and out of the house. Who makes me laugh, comforts me when I am sick, and challenges me, even when I am not in the mood for it. She seems to sense exactly what I need at any given time. When I was hurt in a car accident last year, she would go to the bathtub and jump in so I could wash her feet off if she came in with muddy paws from the rainy backyard (so I would not have to lift her). Coming through the door tonight I was greeted with my huge bouquet of puppy kisses. Kisses are not something that Liesl gives a lot of, so when you get kisses they feel really really special. She loves when you kiss her right on her sweet little head though. I realize every day that she is the perfect dog for me, and I thank God every day for sending her my way. She is exactly what I needed.

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Gloria said...

I enjoy your blog, especially when you speak so lovingly of Liesl. I have grown quite fond of her through your blog. Thanks for an enjoyable place to visit.