Friday, January 28, 2011

I came across this photo of a Christmas gift I made one for one of my friends this Christmas,but did not get to share here. I put it in a small gold frame. I prefer to make small designs for friends in case what I stitch does not match their decor. I figure that a small piece can be put on a small spot on a desk or bookshelf.

It has been a really good week filled with many blessings. I inherited a cordless drill from a friend at work that got a brand new one. It was such a pleasant surprise. Another friend at work brought me a jug of my favorite juice. I got to spend time with some really wonderful friends this week. My little Liesl gave me lots of kisses for no reason today. And a friend that I have been meaning to call and catch up with for several weeks now, called me while she was waiting for her hubby to meet her for dinner. She said that she just wanted to say hi, miss you and love ya. It made me happy to talk to her. She is one of my really wise friends who gives some of the best life advice and has provided unwavering support in some of my worst times of my life.

Well, our temperatures in the 70s are a thing of the past now. The temperature dropped about 30 degrees, still not as cold as the northeast, but cold nonetheless. There was a cold wind that went right through you. So after work, Liesl and I came straight home and lit a fire in the fireplace. I cooked dinner, cuddled with Liesl in front of the fire, until she decided that the best place was directly in front of the fire. She promptly dragged one of her beds over there. This looked like a good idea so I got a blanket out to warm up under. I had full intention of stitching, but that would have meant sitting up, and hey, it's Friday and I am feeling cozy.

I am hoping to get to stitch tomorrow. I have work an event tomorrow, but it should be lots of fun. So hopefully, I will have some time to relax, too.

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Natasha said...

I love that little "s" very pretty. It sounds like you did have a wonderful week. Bye-Bye warm weather :( I was loving all that warm sunshine as were my pups. Samson the Westie could lay in the sun for hours only moving when the sun moves.

Take care and have a fantastic weekend