Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Blissful Day

Today was wonderful. I got to sleep in, which is always a great gift. As I was sipping my morning tea, I could not help but notice that a certain miniature schnauzer was going to the front door, and bouncing off of it. She also was yawning really loudly. Dogs yawn when they are excited. The yawning is their way of calming themselves down. She had obviously psyched herself up about something. That was when I realized she probably wanted to go to the beach. I asked her if she wanted to go to the beach, so she ran to the door and started bouncing off of it again. Schnauzers are master communicators and I am still amazed by how Liesl is able to tell me what she wants and needs. She is an amazing little soul.

In all honesty, I had hoped to kind of ease into the day a bit more slowly, but when you see a little dog look that happy, you just don't want to disappoint her. So I put on my sneakers and grabbed the car keys. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I found myself feeling really grateful that I had decided to go. We had a great time, but were both pretty tired by the time we got home. Liesl went back to her bed (must be nice!) and I did some re-organizing of my kitchen and laundry room. It felt good to get that done. Overall, I puttered around the house and then took a really good, deep nap. It was perfect.

I put my knitting to the side today and focused on my pillowcase tonight. I really want to complete this set. I was feeling inspired because today was my day to wash the sheets and I was wishing that I had the pillowcases to put on. By the way, as a side note, I think that clean sheets are positively one the very best small blessings ever. I love getting into bed when the sheets are clean and unwrinkled. But I digress. I am looking forward to having those lovely little pillowcases in full use.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow opens up Holy Week. Where has this year gone? It will be a busy week, but one of my favorites of the whole year.


April Mechelle said...

Hey Patti !! Glad you had a wonderful day !!That scarf is so cute!! I will be watching Talladega from my recliner today !!

Patti said...

Hi April! Talladega is my all time favorite track. I can't wait for today's race!