Monday, April 25, 2011

Puppy Puzzle

Dog puzzle toys have really increased in popularity in the past couple of years or so. I am always looking for ways to play with Liesl and have stumbled upon some good ones. The original dog puzzles are from Sweden by a behaviorist named Nina Ottosson. Her toys seem to be really cool but pretty expensive, in the $60 range. Luckily, in the past few years others have come out with similar designs that are not so cost prohibitive. Amazon has a great selection. Today, this toy, called "Seek A Treat" arrived. This one is only $14.99 and will last for years. It is well constructed and the little doors slide easily for the dog. Liesl figured out pretty quickly how to nudge them around with her nose.

You put little treats in the compartments. Liesl loves Wet Nose Sweet Potato Stars in hers. She figured out how to use the toy pretty quickly. In fact, when she would empty the toy, she would go over and nudge the treat container so I would re-load it. She did this several times and was really impatient while I re-loaded it. This is her third puzzle toy and is a big hit.

Other than playing with the new toy, it was a nice, boring evening. I worked on my front yard when I got home, and did some puttering around the house. I have shared in the past that I really love ordinary, everyday evenings. My schedule can get kind of hectic some times, so I really treasure times like this. There really is joy in watering the lawn, throwing a load of laundry in, eating leftovers and watching a little television. It is a blessed life.

Wishing you a blessed Tuesday.

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