Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Knitting

Oh, my goodness. TGIF. I am really looking forward to this weekend with my Liesl. I have been going at light speed for weeks now, so I am looking forward to puttering tomorrow during the day, and getting some rest. I am taking a personal day on Monday to kind of catch up on things that need my attention. I hope to get some good rest that day, too. I think the key will be pacing myself this weekend.

This is my new ruffly scarf that I am knitting. It is going amazingly fast. I forgot how much I love knitting.

Despite being super busy today, it was a really good day. I work with people with really good senses of humor, so I get to laugh at work. I have worked places where laughter is not okay, so it is really nice that we get to share laughter. It makes me happy to be at work.

Off to dreamland!


PJ said...

That's coming along so nicely! And FAST!

Beth said...

Cool scarf! I know what you mean about laughter in the workplace. I think that is one of the mail reasons I have worked at my job for 22 years. I think of my workmates as part of my family.