Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In My Garden

It was still nice out when I got home, although a little breezy. Liesl and I headed outside to the garden to do a little work. Okay, I did the work. Liesl does not have thumbs, so she can't hold a rake. LOL I had some rather nasty looking foxtails growing in the flower beds. These are about two inches long and are really sharp. Liesl has hair that seems to attract foxtails and unfortunately, has a bad history with them that includes surgery for their removal. They are so dangerous to dogs, so I made it my goal to get rid of them while they are still green and soft. I was a woman on a mission. I swear the foxtails were growing as fast as I could pull them.

It is amazing how time moves slowly when I am in my garden. I just sort of lose track of time. I did not even notice that I had not had dinner yet. I love the fact that there are all sorts of little surprises that tend to come up in the yard. I thought that the winter frosts had killed all but one of my begonias. Lo and behold, there were two more small ones that were restarting themselves. I was so excited to see them. A bed that I had not had a huge amount of hope for last year, has grown in so nicely and looks like something out of a magazine. I have a large patch of nasturtiums that are just huge and in all colors that they come in. The patch is quite tall, so Liesl likes to hide in them, where it is difficult to see her. She thinks this is hilarious. It is also nice and cool for her under the canopy of dessert plate sized leaves on a hot day.

I am hoping that the weather will be nice this weekend. I am really inspired to play in the garden and do a little planting now. It would be so nice to be outside and doing a little planting. I really want to increase the variety of herbs that I have. I also need to start my tomato seeds.

I truly love the home arts and love it that I get to expand to the outdoors during the spring and summer. It is wonderful to breathe the fresh salt air from Monterey Bay close by. It is exciting to look at all of the beautiful colors and varieties of flowers.

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