Monday, April 4, 2011

Made It Through Manic Monday...

Wow! What a wild ride today! I told someone at work that I planned on doing something wild tonight and coming home on time, having leftovers, watching television and stitching. Okay, so I was a little late getting out of work, but it was A-okay. I came home, made leftovers, rough-housed with Liesl, watched television and stitched.

This is one of the pillowcases that I ordered to stitch to match my bedding. I think the set was about $8 total. I wanted a certain vintage look for my bedroom and these were pretty much what I had in mind. They even have the obligatory lazy daisy loops that all nostalgic pillowcases had. I was really surprised when I opened the package today for a couple of reasons. The first was that I was surprised by the quality of the material. I was expecting it to be kinda scratchy, but it is quite soft and has a nice sheen to it.

The second thing that surprised me was how much fun it is to do stamped cross stitch. I have not done a stamped piece since I was 18. I started counted cross stitch back then because I had bought a counted cross stitch kit by mistake. Anyway, it has been fun and I do not have to refer to a pattern very often so it is a bit easier.

Well, a certain schnauzer would like her night-night cookie and turn down service, so I guess I had better get to work. It sort of reminds me of a sign recently bought that says, "My dog is not spoiled. I am just well trained." So true...

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