Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Garden

The sun came out today and I got to work/play in my garden. I had a happy little schnauzer to keep me company while I worked. She laid in sun patches and hid amongst the nasturtiums. She loves to hide and think it is hilarious when I am looking for her. The day was beautiful so I did not mind so much the weed whacking, weeding, watering and planning out the beds. I washed the patio furniture and pulled it out under the lilac tree. During the week I will start my tomatoes, plant herbs, and fill the hummingbird feeders.

It is amazing that no matter what mood I can be in, I start working in the garden and all of my troubles truly do melt away. I love being amongst the beautiful plants. I had planted a few beds last year that look much more full and mature this year. It was a joy to look at them and think about how much we both have grown in the past year. LOL

The picture above is one of the first clusters of blooms from my huge dogwood plant. There are buds all over it and I can not wait to see it. I may just position my chair and table right next to it next weekend so I can enjoy it. Below is my trumpet plant. It looks like this is a mutant double bloom. So pretty.
Overall, this was a pretty good weekend. I got some sparkly nail polish that has confetti in it that I am going to apply on my toes. I will read my book, snuggle with Liesl, and say a prayer of thanks for all of God's blessings.

Have a happy week!

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Beth said...

I love the trumpet flowers, but we don't seem to be able to grow them in Kentucky. Enjoy yours!