Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A harbinger of Spring!  Bright, beautiful daffodils.  These are a bouquet I got a couple of days ago.  They smell lovely, too!   I love daffodils.  I should probably get some bulbs so that I can look forward to some just appearing in my yard a year from now.

Today was a pretty good day.  I had an audit this morning, which went really well.  I always try to make sure that I am prepared well in advance of an audit with all of the necessary information organized and labelled.  I also made sure that Liesl was busy with a brand new bone.  Schnauzers are major smack talkers.  I did not want her barking at the auditor, so I handed Liesl a bone as the auditor was walking in the door.  Liesl just looked like, "Take whatever you want, I'm kinda busy."  Liesl loves a new bone.  Now she is all tired from working on it and is all stretched out on her Golden Retriever sized bed.  She is all about her comfort.

Tonight is one of those nights that I turned the TV off early.  There was absolutely nothing on.  So I puttered around for a few minutes and decided to just sit and enjoy the quiet.  I love when it is peaceful like this.  I thought about stitching or going into my craft room and playing with my toys, but I think it is going to be best to read my book and perhaps go to sleep early.  After I say my prayers, I think about all of the things that I am grateful for.  It is amazing how you start with the big things-family, friends, health, etc., and there is so much to be grateful for beyond that.  I think about how I made it home safely from work yet again, that my friend made it though surgery well, or that my local library loans me the best books for free.  There are so many miracles in every single day and so much to be thankful for.  It is a great thing to fall asleep thinking about and plants the seed for good dreams.


Cindy said...

I really enjoy your blog. Its a wonderful reminder of all that we have to be thankful for and all that is good in most of our lives.

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed your post today. I agree that we should be thankful for things every day.

Your daffodils are so bright and sunny. I have a lot in my garden and they tell me that Spring is coming.

Hello to Leisl.

Rita said...

Beautiful daffodils! They're some of my favorite flowers, I think, because they just "say" Spring.

Glad the audit went well.

You're right! We are so blessed and unfortunately spend more time thinking about our troubles instead of just how blessed we are.

MaryO said...

Love the daffodils. What a wonderful entry. So very true!