Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Perfect Day!

Today was awesome!  The time change has not been super hard due to an early bedtime last night for all.  The first order of business today was church.  It was a good day at church.  Afterwards, I worked on some special music for an upcoming church date.  I love to sing, so we were working on Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Bach.  It was so beautiful after just running through it twice.  I am looking forward to singing it before the congregation.  It is one of the most beautiful pieces of music.  Anything by Bach is just amazing.

After church I was off to Home Depot to pick out some plants for my front yard.  I have drought resistant plants, but I really want a little more color and to extend it out further.  I also plan on putting in a hedge of lavender.  I get a lot of sun where I am so I think the lavender will do really well here.  Plus I can harvest it and use it for gifts.  Anyway, I ran into my BFF at Home Depot and got to yack.  She is an avid gardener, too, and has taken landscaping courses and landscape design.  Needless to say, she has a beautiful yard and grows the most beautiful roses you have ever seen.  The nice person who ran the check out also told me that in two weeks they are getting in a whole bunch of new plants.  Yay!  This is good because I have been kicking myself all day for not getting the Martha Washington geraniums.  They are a gorgeous dusty red.  

I came home and gave Liesl lots of hugs and kisses.  She also got the lion's share of my turkey sandwich by using her sad, puppy eyes.  I was duped.  She napped off her lunch while I watched Tony win the race.  Whoohoo! After doing the Tony Won Happy Dance, I saw my chance to go work on the front yard, I slipped outside into the beautiful sunny day.  (I do not have a fence in my front yard, so she had to stay inside.)  She made sure the entire neighborhood knew that I was neglecting her, as I worked at a breakneck pace.

Liesl alerting the neighbors to the fact that her momma has left her inside while momma works outside.  
 My plants are in and look awesome.  After coming in and doling out cookies, hugs, kisses and tummy rubs, I was back in Miss Liesl's good graces. Seeing her upset because she was left out really made me feel badly.  I have never planted four plants as fast as I did.  However, the world without a fence is a dangerous place for puppies (especially one who will chase a cat if she sees one) and momma had work to do.

Since we had an extra hour of sunlight, I took the opportunity to install my new outside light for my front door.  It is so gorgeous when it is turned on.  It is an LED and turns itself on and off.  It is so dramatic and beautiful.  I just love it.

I had a moment of realizing a dream come true tonight.  After I got the light installed (which took about 15 minutes.)  I went and played with Liesl in the backyard.  One of the many reasons I fell in love with this house was that the yard was perfect for Liesl.  Back then I had visions of throwing the ball for Liesl on summer evenings after work.  Tonight as I was throwing the ball for Liesl and she was bounding across the yard so happily, I realized that I had my dream, just as I envisioned it.  I felt so happy and content.  I look forward to throwing that ball over and over again for her little self.  As I watched her eat her dinner and lay down to sleep, all I could think was how fortunate I am.  I feel truly blessed.

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Rita said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful day.

I love Bach too.